Spikenard Nepali Rope Incense
Spikenard Nepali Rope Incense

Spikenard Nepali Rope Incense

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Spikenard Nepali Rope Incense is crafted from herbs of the high Himalayas. Extracted from the Spikenard plant, white and red Sandalwood, Sungandhi Bal and Clove. This incense is traditionally burned in temples and meditation rooms for its aromatic ambience.

Approximately fifty ropes (per bundle), 11cm ropes artfully packaged in bundles of hand-rolled lokta paper. Handmade in Nepal.

Use: for meditation in your home or temple.

To burn: Light the end of your rope and blow out the flame allowing it to eventually burn all the way up to the top of the rope. Rope incense can be burnt flat on a heatproof dish or hung from a rope incense burner.

One bundle contains 50 incense ropes, 11cm long each. Burning time of each rope is approx 15min. 

(Sold in the pack of 6 bundles)


Product details: 

  • Made of Pure Herb Spikenard Incense
  • Pack of x6 Bundles
  • Each bundle contains appx 50 ropes
  • 11cm each
  • Burn time of each rope app 15 mins
  • Weight of the incense rope 11g


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